The Dutch Wikipedia has recently got the facility to use interlanguage links. In the spirit of international cooperation, you may like to check the pages that we have that link to the Dutch Wikipedia, and check that they link back to the English and other Wikipedias. You can do that by following the link to the Dutch article and then adding e.g. [[en: (article name)]] to the article at the top.

There was a list here of all the pages we have that link to the Dutch Wikipedia, which you may still examine by checking the history of this page. What remains are several links that do not have a clear companion over on the Dutch Wikipedia, as well as a list of dates that are not yet linked in a correct way. Please help in resolving these last items and don't forget to also transfer any other language links you find here to the corresponding Dutch article (for example, the Main Page is linked to several different languages). (Remember to take the nl=Dutch link out of the list when you copy them over!). Please remove pages from this list when fixed/checked.

Problematic links

The following dates do not exist yet at the given location

This is because the Dutch language uses lowercase names for the months. The Dutch interlanguage links on all the pages below need to be changed to lowercase. This probably goes for the "days of the month" links on the other language wikipedia's too.

note: I am currently making redirects to all the days of the year so we dont have thousands of broken links across all the wikipedias, January February March, April, May and June are redirected, September and August links are fixed in the english wikipedia, they might still be broken elsewhere. When I get around to making the august redirects this should be a non-issue. Anyone want to help? -- Lightning 04:27 Oct 8, 2002 (UTC)