The following articles contain interlanguage links to the French Wikipedia. The linked French pages need to be checked to make sure A) the links are correct, B) links back to English and other languages are put in, and C) hey, a great chance for mass proofreading.

Since the "To do" list is not exhaustive, for the time being, please add the checked pages to the "checked" or "fully checked" list. Put problematic ones (can't find the linked page; doesn't point to the same thing; disambiguated differently and not sure how to resolve, etc) in the section at the bottom.

To do

Pages whose linked French equiv doesn't yet exist

Problem pages

  • X-system is kind of disambiguated funny.

Checked pages - linked between French and English 'pedia

Fully checked: linked in the French 'pedia to all languages for which there is a link in the English 'pedia