All pages that were listed on this page, as of 29 August 2002, have now been fixed with appropriate backlinks from the German Wikipedia. This page is therefore no longer in use. Thanks to everyone who helped!

The German Wikipedia has recently got the facility to use interlanguage links. In the spirit of international cooperation, you may like to check the pages that we have that link to the German Wikipedia, and check that they link back to the English Wikipedia (and the article in any other languages). You can do that by following the link to the German article and then adding e.g. [[en: (article name)]] to the article at the top.

This is a list of all the pages we have that link to the German Wikipedia, to assist in this process. Please also transfer any other language links you find here to the corresponding German article (for example, the Main Page is linked to several different languages). Please remove pages from this list when fixed/checked.

linked articles whose German counterpart does not exist (or is not easily found by people with little to no command of the German language)

Linked articles whose German counterparts aren't disambiguated, so there's no single link to point to on the English wiki

  • Titanium