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This is a rough, self-administered list of Wikipedians in order of arrival. The list exists only to satisfy general Wikipedian interest. This list is not intended to create some sort of hierarchy. In other words, we Wikipedians abhor the idea that the amount of time spent working on this website is any sort of indication of how well one can write an encyclopedia article. Indeed, we distinguish ourselves by our ability to write good articles, which is what really matters. We ought to do our best to underemphasize seniority, which can be used, often illegitimately, as a way of deciding whom to accord how much respect. Of course, sometimes how long someone has been here does bear on, for example, how well they understand Wikipedia policy and why Wikipedia works as it does. But it doesn't bear on much else.

A more comprensive, automatically generated list is available.

See Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians for those who left wikipedia.

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November 2004

October 2004

September 2004

August 2004

  • B-101 - August 8, but had been editing before
  • Ebrooks - August 11
  • Superninja - August 11
  • Workster - August 11 (started anonymously much earlier)
  • PhilHibbs - August 11 (started anonymously on this date, created account a few days later)
  • Viriditas - August 14
  • Quinobi - August 16
  • SS -- around the 16th
  • User:Mark Dingemanse - August 16 (I started as User:Strangeloop, but have changed my username in October 2004)
  • Bquanta - August 20
  • Kaiserjager - August 20
  • JRM - August 26. I did anonymous edits for almost a year, though. I contributed the programmer lightbulb jokes in that state, for those who care. :-)
  • Valentino - August 29, but had been editing before
  • Amerika - August 29, around midnight
  • Whosyourjudas - 31 August

July 2004

June 2004

May 2004

April 2004

March 2004

February 2004

January 2004

  • Robin Patterson in Plimmerton -- 30 January here (many months after bookmarking), then 31 March into the Maori version
  • ShaneKing -- January 30
  • Mikez 00:24, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC) -- about Jan 27, made my first edits on sv: about a week earlier. Found a curious reference to something called 'wikipedia' on planetmath
  • Elf -- January 26. Cut out & saved Time magazine article (Aug 12 '03) but never got here; saw it again in San Jose Mercury News article [1](Jan 25 '04) and decided I could delay no longer. Little did I know.
  • BigT27 - Around the 25th. Altough I did my first article without my user name on June 6, 2003.
  • Junkyardprince -- Around the 22nd, I had used it for school projects and wanted to give back!
  • Fennec -- About the 20th, after a Slashdot article on Wikipedia.
  • Sean Curtin - around the 10th-25th.
  • Decumanus -- January 10
  • Djinn112
  • David Cannon - January 3
  • TimothyPilgrim -- January 8 was my first edit
  • Denni -- first edit Jan 3. I have no idea how long this site lay in my bookmarks list before I rediscovered it. It is the start of something I have always hoped would happen: immediate access to every word and phrase ever recorded on Earth.
  • Michael Warren -- 01:54, 2 Jan 2004, after being at Memory Alpha for the previous month, followed through to register here.

December 2003

  • 8k -- December 30: Last but not least!
  • Thalia -- Minor anonymous edits at first, then signed on.
  • UtherSRG -- December 4
  • Catbar -- December 3
  • Darkelf — December 18. Got invited to create an article here, and ended up creating a bunch of them.
  • Seth Ilys -- 20 Dec 2003.
  • alerante — (first edit) 23 December 2003.
  • Lyellin -- I had a few random edits, but I created the account on December 23rd.
  • Saul Taylor First edit was at nine minutes past four in the morning (UTC) on the eighth December
  • JackofOz -- 8 December (with several anonymous ones a few days earlier)
  • Cyrius -- Account created December 24, a few anonymous edits in the weeks before.
  • David Edgar - after one or two anonymous edits, I made my first logged-in edit at 14:12, 8 Dec 2003 (and then went 4 months before my next edit).

November 2003

  • AceMyth
  • Auric The Rad Got hooked during school project, found out that it was still running two years later. Signed up when I found out how to edit. Now a confirmed WikiJunkie.
  • Bkell
  • Calmypal
  • Davodd - Looked up trailer park trash, edited an error and was hooked.
  • Gandalf61
  • [[User:Halibutt|Halibutt]] - got stuck here
  • JB82 -- Started editing articles under anonymity; signed up when invited
  • Lawrence Lavigne -- Started with my hometown, couldn't stop afterwards
  • Meelar I found it after a google search for "campaign finance reform" revealed that the article could be improved--I saw "edit this page", and did
  • Merovingian -- At first an extemely wiki-amateur IP, I discovered I could edit and it was like I had rediscovered how to live.
  • Noldoaran
  • Tualha
  • Tim Ivorson
  • PMC -- Discovered editing and tried it. Couldn't stop.
  • Humus sapiens - (On Nov 25) Noticed an error, clicked "Edit this page", got hooked. Now fighting the addiction.

October 2003

September 2003

  • Chris Jefferies -- I started editing Wikipedia on 4th, as soon as I found it. The article on my home town (St Neots, England) seemed a bit lacking so I began adding to it. One thing led to another (mostly the links :-) so they had to be added or fixed. It's brilliant - I love it!
  • Gjking -- I've been using it for a couple of months now... what a fantastic resource. So I decided to try to start contributing, assuming grad school leaves me some free time.
  • Tedius Zanarukando -- I have begun to edit in Wikipedia on September 1, 2003, when Wikipedia happened to appear on my Yahoo! search engine. I added an article on Nintendo's Fire Emblem series, being my second Wikipedia article. My first Wikipedia article is on enhanced remakes, for I am a fan of realism.
  • Pingveno -- found Wikipedia while looking through some bookmarks that came with Mandrake Linux. I started contributing, editing, and using Wikipedia, as well as the other parts of Wikimedia. I use it primarily for homework, that wonderful thing that plagues students of all ages.
  • Lumos3 -- My son asked me to help him find more information on the English Civil War. So I used Google and of all the pages returned was impressed with how extensive the material on Wikipedia was. I soon became hooked.
  • Sarge Baldy -- Someone linked to a Wikipedia article on IRC. I didn't think much of it until I saw the edit button. It was all downhill from there :) Sarge Baldy 03:41, Nov 1, 2004 (UTC)

August 2003

  • Raul654 - found Wikipedia while writing quiz bowl questions. My very first edit.
  • Thoth--Ah, what the internet was meant for! A free communication and archival of knowledge, instead of a bloated pornography dispenser (not that there's anything wrong with that). Anyway, I found it enjoyable occaisionally making a real article and maintaining or reworking the various articles that aren't quite done. I try to put in stub work wherever it's needed when I'm short on time.
  • Ark30inf - came and looked for some Arkansas information and didn't find much. So I decided to add some. While doing some of this noticed that some Civil War stuff needs work. While doing this noticed that.......oh well looks like I will be here awhile.
  • Noel - even this close to the event, it took me a while to remember what brought me here (it was the Wired story, but I don't recall how I ran across *that*) - I seem to have been totally sucked into the WikiVerse; definitely love at first sight
  • Sabbut - Yet another college student ^^
  • James Anatidae Wow! What a great place to waste time for the benefit of others!
  • Ranjith Ranadheeran
  • Khym Chanur
  • AndrewKepert Wow! What a great place to benefit from the wasted time of others! 8-) ... and pornography wars are never civil.
  • Secretlondon
  • Morwen
  • Optim: College student from Athens, Greece.
  • Securiger Started anonymously in August, got an account to uplaod pics in November, can't remember what brought me here but it was something about crypto. Already been through phases absolutely hooked -> disillusioned -> just doing what i can to help.
  • SDP Doing what I can.
  • Lord Emsworth
  • Darc Marjal - Started with Manchester International Airport after a trip there and immediately got hooked. What better place to put down all that (otherwise) useless trivia in my brain?
  • VeryVerily (VV for short) - Had bumped into Wikipedia a few times while websurfing, decided at this point to get involved.
  • Grendelkhan - Edited my town's info page first. Moved onto the LCC pages shortly thereafter.
  • Chris Rodgers. Learned of through a friend, became both intrigued and impressed with the resource, have tried to contribute some fair share in return.
  • Mackensen

July 2003

June 2003

May 2003

April 2003

  • Alex756 -- April 21, 2003, first edit: Bialowieza Forest
  • TimmyD -- I'll be probably working through Computers, Gaming, and whatever else I can get my hands on. This is a very fascinating place!
  • JimRegan
  • Rotem Dan -- Had some anonymous contributions at the end of march, discovered wikipedia much earlier (but didn't understand what is a wiki back then)
  • Cimon Avaro on a pogo stick -- April 14, anonymously on the 13th. (Had been reading earlier, and maybe done a newbie test or a few before as well, honestly don't remember.) First page knowingly read: Rhazes
  • john
  • Lou Imholt Otherwise known as LouI.
  • djmutex with some earlier anonymous edits also.
  • Jiang
  • Francs2000 though I didn't sign up for the username till September, being the suspicious goit that I am... The first page I saw was for my distant cousin Hugh Paddick.
  • Kwekubo -- AKA Gabriel Beecham on other language version.
  • Evercat

March 2003

February 2003

January 2003

December 2002

November 2002

  • Arvindn
  • Brian Sayrs: I'm mostly going to involve myself in government entries, but don't be surprised when I edit chemistry, space or computer articles!
  • hoshie: I came here after the 2002 elections to update Senate data. The rest is history...
  • llywrch -- I guess I'm addicted; I even make small changes between phone calls under an IP number from work. At least I'm getting help for my spelling mistakes here.
  • Oliver Pereira - first edit and first new article 04 Nov 2002; registered 08 Nov 2002
  • Usedbook
  • Dante Alighieri - Nov 12, 2002
  • GUllman
  • MyRedDice
  • Gabbe - Nov 11, 2002; missing death date in the article of my big time hero Richard Francis Burton drew me in... And I've been stuck ever since!

October 2002

September 2002

August 2002

July 2002

June 2002

April 2002

March 2002

February 2002

January 2002

December 2001

November 2001

October 2001

September 2001

August 2001

July 2001

  • TwoOneTwo
  • The Cunctator (July 26, the day of the big Slashdotting)
  • AxelBoldt (July 26, the day of the big Slashdotting)
  • BrantEaton (July 26, Slashdot effect was my first article!)
  • Dmerrill, another one from the Slashdotting
  • James F., yet another Slashdotter (though the account is newer)
  • Tim Goodwin (guess which well-known blog appears on my Personal Toolbar)
  • Simon J Kissane (thinks he arrived just before slashdotting)
  • Kowloonese as anonymous et al. (since first week of July, 2001)
  • Claudine not from Slashdot, but from the Kuro5hin article that might have led to it
  • snoyes (k5 article)
  • DrBob Due to either the Kuro5hin or Slashdot articles

May 2001

April 2001

  • Koyaanis Qatsi (based on the revision history of Bahrain. Followed over from a comment on slashdot)
  • rmhermen -anonymously until May 10
  • Kpjas (subscribed to on Mon, 9 Apr 2001 14:12:51 -0700)

March 2001

  • Mathijs read about it in the newspaper (inactive since February 2002)
  • [[user:Erdem T�z�n|Erdem T�z�n]] (inactive since prior to the move to phase III)
  • Andre Engels
  • Malcolm Farmer - after a slashdotting. Every other article back then was either an Atlas Shrugged or a Larry Sanger philosophy article. How far it's come since then...
  • Phil Bordelon I'd be lying if I remembered why I came here originally; I hacked a bit on some Settlers of Catan stuff, went back to lurk mode, and only recently have started to really edit again.
  • Gareth Owen Also can't remember why I came, but noticed it lacked my favourite musicians, so resolved to add them

February 2001

January 2001

Some unspecified time during 2001