This is the English language Wikipedia bus stop. Wikipedia is building a free online encyclopedia, and is one of the best developed projects in the open content movement. This is the English language Wikipedia, and is the largest Wiki in existence. There are other Wikipedias in other languages, many of them part of the Bus #80 tour. Please take your time to look around. All material on Wikipedia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.


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You can also get the tour bus map of existing routes at Tour Bus Map on MeatballWiki

Famous sights to see here at the Wikipedia

Featured articles

A sampling of the best encyclopedia articles in the English language Wikipedia.

Main Page

Wikipedia's front page, with a comprehensive category scheme.

Neutral Point of View

This is the guiding principle here at Wikipedia. An encyclopedia article must not advocate a position on any given issue; rather, it must describe the various positions fairly and accurately.

Wikipedias in all languages

Wikipedia aims to be an encyclopedia encompassing all languages. If your language is not yet active, recruit a few friends and get the ball rolling!

Welcome, newcomers

Want to participate in Wikipedia? This page serves as a jumping-off point for new Wikipedians.

Wikimedia Servers

Of special interest to TourBus riders with a flair for technology, this page on a related wiki contains information about the server farm used by Wikipedia.

Other Wikimedia projects

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