article histories


Article edit histories from the UseModWiki era of Wikipedia (through late January 2002) have now been restored to the database. (They were not originally imported at the time since the conversion script didn't yet know how to crack open the usemod history files.)

Note that the very last UseMod edit is listed as done by "Conversion script" with comment "Automatic conversion" instead of the actual author, and includes automatic changes to subpage links. If there is huge demand, I can have the original final versions slipped in as well. Bugs in various incarnations of the phase II and III software have occasionally made messes of the intermediate histories, so be warned! History entries after January 26 may be suspect. - Brion VIBBER.

Also note that the UseMod wiki originally deleted old histories after a couple weeks, so very early versions of some pages may still be gone; they were not saved and cannot be restored.

The following pages did not have their histories imported, either because they have long since been deleted or they were moved around so much that I couldn't track down the original page to take the histories onto (some can be manually added later):

See also: User:Ryguasu/conversion script AI