Sonic 3D Blast


Sonic 3D Blast, also Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series that appeared in several different platforms.

The game was released in Europe for the Sega Megadrive in November 1996. The Sega Genesis version was released in North America later that month. The game was released on the Sega Saturn in North America in November 1996. It was then released in Europe for the Saturn in February 1997. The game was then released for the PC in North America in September, 1997. The PC version came to Europe on September 25, 1997. Finally, the game came out for the Saturn in Japan on October 14, 1999.

The game places Sonic the Hedgehog in an isometric view in a de facto 2D environment. He must collect flickies in order to advance in a stage.

The ROM used on both sides of the pond is exactly the same - the title screen differs depending on which country the cart is in. If it is in a system set as an North American Sega Genesis, the title is Sonic 3D Blast. If the game is in a system set as a European Sega Megadrive, the title is Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island. The European title was used in Japan.


  • Green Grove Zone
  • Rusty Ruin Zone
  • Spring Stadium Zone
  • Diamond Dust Zone
  • Volcano Valley Zone
  • Gene Gadget Zone
  • Panic Puppet Zone
  • The Final Fight