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Could someone clarify what authors or communities use the term "digital art" in this manner. This is not a poor definition, but I imagine that there are other equally valid ways to define "digital art". Unless this is a generally accepted term, defined as currently defined in the article, we need to clarify whose ideas are represented here. -Ryguasu 07:15 Nov 17, 2002 (UTC)

It's my definition. I created this page because Visual arts and design, which is linked from the Main Page. Links to it. I just kind if wrote it off the top of my head. There is (was? I did revision) similar material on computer generated art.
IMO "digital art" encompasses just about any art created with, or substantially modified by, a computer. Plain text and CD audio, which is stored in digital form, doesn't really constitute "digital art", although these are border cases. Thoughts? -- Merphant
That sounds pretty reasonable. I think, however, the article currently suggests that "digital art" is broader than this, encompassing any work of art that has been digitized, including plain text, CD audio, a digitized photograph of a Monet, etc.. Perhaps the definition could be modified to fix this. I would propose, however, that it may work better to merge Computer-Generated Art and Digital art. After all, the distinction breaks down easily enough, such as when you take a scanned photograph and then manipulate it with Adobe Photoshop until the digital image does not resemble the original photo in any way whatsoever.
An interesting footnote in this regard is that under U.S. copyright law such a digital image (not resembling the original photo), if based on a scanned photograph the copyright of which belonged to someone else, would still be a copyright violation, as it would be regarded as a "derivative work"(!). --Daniel C. Boyer 15:48 18 Jul 2003 (UTC)
A paragraph or two could still be devoted to the discussion of any distinctions seen as critical. --Ryguasu 20:51 Nov 19, 2002 (UTC)
I tried to write a paragraph about the distinction between various terms (digital art, computer art, computer-generated art, electronic art) in the article on electronic art. Spinster 08:41, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)