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Wondering how to edit the disorders listed on the subject page?
The optional WikiProject Medical Conditions standards might help.

We might distinguish among the health sciences between those which merely analyze a field or diagnose a problem; and those which also present a specific treatment for that problem.

Is it just me or is this new style of listing the topics harder to read than the old style? It worked fine for a number of articles like Mathematics (from which this style was based on) until that was changed too. -- Ram-Man

I feel an objection to the current style of this page.
It used to be mess but now it looks a bit more organized however it is without internal design and it is harder to read even for a medical professional.
What I propose is to remove all references to diseases or at least make this large list consistent.
IMO this should be what the title of the article says "Health science" and it should lead to branches of medicine and related fields like alternative medicine, basic sciences of medicine, hygiene etc.
Kpjas 2002-10-27

I think it is a great idea, which is why I have been focusing on this page. I have no idea, however, what would be a valid thing to do. It is not clear (to me) what "Health Science" is so I have not attempted to remove all of what is currently here, though I reorganized everything to make more sense. Feel free to rewrite the whole thing, just so long as we can easily get to all this information (maybe one link away).
What are the main subdivisions of health science? -- Ram-Man
My idea for this page might not be the best one because we don't have the term "Health science" in Poland and it's now unclear to me what it should mean to a native English speaker.
I would move away from specific diseases and by all means organs. I would do a large introduction why and how "Health science" emerged in 19th and 20th centuries.
This articles should naturally be interlinked with articles like "Health", "Disease", "Evidence based medicine", "History of medicine" and specific branches of "Health science".
I think I should research this subject a little to answer your question. It is only my general idea.
Kpjas 2002-10-28
I'm from the United States (a native English speaker) and I am not even sure what direction it should take. If you take a look at some of the other Main Page articles, like Mathematics, they list a lot of topics within the field. Now I am not saying it should look like that exactly, but I like the idea of having a broad range of topics that someone coming to this page from the main page will have a large enough selection of topics. Right now the information stored in this page is not located anywhere else and it is fairly important information. -- Ram-Man

I rewrote and updated the main text of the article. Hopefully it is a bit more clear and concise. The lists still need some organizing and thinning out. -- Ram-Man

I appreciate what you have done with this article. Well done ! I will comment on some portions later on. The major problem is what to do with this list. Specialities ? Conditions ? Ideally it could be made into a continous flow of the article. Maybe short descriptions of specialties with most important organs and diseases they deal with ? Some hierarchy ( plus links of specialities) is a must.
Kpjas 2002-10-30
I think what may need to happen is that we put the list of medical conditions into their own respective pages, such as the pages linked to by the "More..." links. I like the idea of having a list at the bottom to choose from a wide range of health science topics, as these main page articles are a sort of table of contents to the topic. Maybe some good idea for a rewrite will hit me soon. -- Ram-Man

"Health science research builds on the pure sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics."

"pure" or "basic"

"Medical doctors or physicians, surgeons, and nurses are commonly thought of as the chief members of medicine, however, medicine includes many different branches and professions. Some common medical areas include first aid, midwifery, nursing, surgery, and triage."

I'd move it to some other article. Healthcare system ? "Healthcare profession" ? "Medical profession" ?

The application of scrutiny of scientific and empirical methods to practice of medicine turned it into health science and since then it has moved away from traditional health practices. Accumulating specialist knowledge caused gradual emergence of more and more narrow fields of health sciences. This undue processes of specialization has given rise to popularity of holistic medicine and alternative medicine.

There is a distinct division between branches of medicine that are involved in conservative or operative methods.
Cardiology is a branch of medicine that studies disorders of human cardiovascular system, especially, the heart. This knowledge is applied to treatment of a number of conditions; importantly they are major causes of morbidity and mortality in Western societies : coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, heart attack, for a more extensive list see cardiology article.

This page is getting too long. Shouldn't some of it - eg all the entries under Endocrinology - be set out on a separate page?


I think it important to note that there are two Pharmacopea's approved by the FDA. One is the U.S.Pharmacopea and the other is the U.S.Homeopathic Pharmacopea. The co-existence of these two documents would certainly imply acceptance of the doctrines of Homeopathy. Burt M