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Italian entry Meta-Wikipedia David Martland If you want to send me a message, please put it at the end of my user talk page User Talk:David Martland (12th September, 2003). I've only just started (from around 10th November,2002) to find my way around this volume under construction, and I've not yet fully absorbed the methods of working and the culture. To date changes I have made are mostly to musical topics including extending the lists for violinists, cellists, flautists, list of famous conductors including Bruno Walter and Thomas Beecham, but I have also edited the section on the United Kingdom, and some topics on neurons, CAT scanning, AI (genetic algorithms, genetic programming, random optimisation), and mathematics (mathematical induction proof by contradiction added). Musicians Composer, List of 20th century classical composers Maurice Durufle, Joly Braga Santos, Edison Denisov, Paul Tortelier, Mstislav Rostropovich, Brian Irvine, Eugene Istomin. Also interested in Kathleen Ferrier, Jon Leifs Flute players (see flutist) Harold McNair, Hubert Laws, Emmanuel Pahud,Ian Anderson Many string quartets - in the sense of groups of players. Composers: Shulamit Ran, Abe Holzmann, William Sterndale Bennett, Geirr Tveitt, Philippe Manoury, Pascal Dusapin, [[Jo�l-Fran�ois Durand]] Musical entertainers: Kim Criswell Jazz musicians: [[Chucho Vald�s]] Grove's dictionary People: [[Abb� Pierre]] (also Abbe Pierre), Roger Garaudy, Desmond Doyle, Andrew Likierman Aircraft: Britten-Norman, Trislander (this one has my first attempt at uploading an image to WP) Instruments: saz , vieille, [[qan�n]] David M. Places Louviers

Redirects: [[Durufl�]], Beecham, Casals, Rostropovich, qanun, Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra

Disambiguation Tortelier, Strauss


[[Jacqueline du Pr�]]

Stub articles set up for: Gregorian chant, [[Marcel Dupr�]], Charles Tournemire, Louis Vierne, Paul Paray, [[Roger D�sormi�re]], Marcel Moyse, [[Hall� Orchestra]], Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Max Bruch, Billy Mayerl, Ken Burns,hurdy gurdy, Very pistol.

Interested in articles on wiki community, walled garden, wiki hosting.

[[Emile Gall�]], Daum, Louis Comfort Tiffany (already set up ....!)

Interest also in:

Organisations: Friends of the Earth (not by me)

To be done: Johan Halvorsen (1864-1935)

Feel free to improve them.

David M.

A recent discovery (by me) has been weblogs, so see mine at dave2002 and test2002 (currently the first of these is better developed... but ...). Another, slightly more technical one, gets updated occasionally at dave2002.alt

An interesting slant is provided by the pages on Open Source at

Body Worlds Gunther von Hagens

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Suggestions for recent deaths on Main page

Eugene Istomin, Denis Quilley.

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