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The Cunctator is a proud non-member of the Anarchists for a Past, Present, and Future World of Goodness. See K-Band Communications for more information.

The Cunctator is a member-in-protest of the Arbitration Cabal, which came into being through discussion not on Wikipedia, but on the vile mailing list.

The recent tendencies toward deletionism and agglomeration are troubling.

To be a good Wikipedian, be respectful, overly combative, self-critical, vulnerable, hortatory, ambitious, and analytical.

Above all, to be a good Wikipedian, edit and create entries.

To ensure the health of Wikipedia:

  • /Be in Charge and Be Humble
  • Understand Bias
  • Appreciate Idiosyncracy
  • Redesign the Wikipedia Software as a Community
  • Make Big Plans on Wikipedia
  • Avoid Cabals
  • Follow the Spirit of the GFDL
  • Be Respectful but Firm


Ag. The "en2" redirection is damn annoying.

The nearly immutable law of government is that while over the short term dangers to the health of society come from individual actors, over the long term the dangers come from the system.

It should be everyone's goal to figure out ways to eliminate potential problems before they can happen.

A good real world example of that is drugs; because it is a criminal act to use illegal drugs, millions of dollars and manhours and lives are spent in combatting drug use (the "war on drugs"). But if the drugs (such as marijuana) are decriminalized, a host of downstream costs to society disappear. There *are* different complications and needs (tobacco is a good example of the potential problems of having drugs be legal to use) but it's a lot easier to deal with drugs as a health issue than a crime issue.

Sardonic Commentary

The new Wikipedia Main Page color scheme looks like it was designed by unilateral color-blind monkeys!
Or, as Wired put it, "The site resembles cutting-edge Web design circa 1994."
And if you're not a sysop, consider yourself lucky for not getting to see the tortured HTML of the Main Page.

The censorship of offensive, particularly anti-gay content (e.g. fudgepacker, santorum, AIDS Kills Fags Dead etc.) on Wikipedia is deplorable. So is the censorship of "minor" places (e.g. Sunset High School (Portland), etc.).

As the Wiki Turns

Check out the brilliant humor of Wikipedia's writers.

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