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BioJustice: a place where you express your thoughts on how correctly we do biology and how we live as biological beings.

BioCommunity needs guidelines for justice in pursuing science.
Biologists do need philosophy as the first thing in their career.

Do you want a respectful and honest way of doing science? Do you care science itself more than fame, competition, career, and your egos?  

BioJustice Projects
   openfree Biojustice wiki project   
   What is BioJustice?

   On performing science | Bio Declaration
   On Good Science(Good biology)

   Biologist's code  of conduct
   Bioinformatist's code of conduct

   Biological Science Procedures
   Genomic Equality

   Abolish Nobel Prize for Science
   Abolish anonymous peer review system to reduce discrimination against race, nationality, and language.

People who show interest in how to do science (please add more)

Academic sportsman

For researchers

For teachers

For students

Biojustice News and events relevant
  Good Biology Campaign: An international campaign for performing honest, fair and good biological science research.

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