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Giovanni D'Anzi (Milan, Italy, 1 January 1906, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, 15 April 1974) was an Italian songwriter.

In 1935 he wrote music and lyrics of O mia bela Madonina ("My beautiful little Madonna"), a song dedicated to his hometown which soon became very popular and a sort of unofficial city anthem. The "little Madonna" is the small golden statue of the Virgin Mary on top of Duomo di Milano, the city's cathedral and most famous landmark.

Between 1930s and 1950s Giovanni D'Anzi and Alfredo Bracchi and formed a very prolific pair of songwriters. They worked for radio, cinema and theater productions. Several of their songs were great hits. Among them Ma le gambe, Bambina innamorata, Ma l'amore no, Ti parler� d'amor.

During 1960s Giovanni D'Anzi retired from the musical scene. He moved to Liguria and took up painting.

When he died, Milan's local authorities included him in the list of important Milanese people at the Monumental D'Anzi

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