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Battle of Plymouth

The Battle of Plymouth, 26 August 1652 was a naval battle of the First Anglo-Dutch War. General-at-Sea George Ayscue of the Commonwealth of England, commanding a fleet of 40 men-of-war and 5 fire ships, attacked an outward bound convoy of the United Provinces escorted by 23 men-of-war and 6 fire ships commanded by Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. The two commanders had been personal friends before the war.

The disparity of forces was redressed by the participation of armed merchantmen from the convoy, and by firing at the English masts and rigging, the Dutch were able to force Ayscue to break off the engagement and return to Plymouth for repair while the Dutch convoy sailed safely to the Atlantic. Ayscue's claim of having won a victory was unconvincing and he was relieved of his command.

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