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Caring Science for the sake of it.

Science is not a superman.
 As a discipline, it has the most widespread impact in human societies. However, it does not mean it is omnipotent as religion and other isms humans developed in the past.

We need to help science.
Science as a discipline is constantly challenged, insulted, misunderstood, and misused. She needs help from us.

Let's help science  |  Let's save science  |  Let's care science

Science as an information organism.
Science is an organism. She is a system, protocol, and culture. She also irritable bowel syndrome needs good food and environment to survive. How we take care of her will be one of the most important challenges on Earth in billions of years of history. As she is our most beautiful, fairest, most rational, and most human aspect/brain/mind of us. Here, us includes animals, plants, and microbes, all of us the information processing organisms on Earth.  |

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