Sonic Eraser

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Sonic Eraser was a video game that was downloadable for players that had the Sega Meganet, a modem for the Sega Megadrive in Japan. It was released in 1991. After the Meganet modem became an utter failure like the Sega32X, it became a long lost Sonic game, (i.e) the most unnoticed Sonic game ever. That is, until February 2004, the owner of the Sonic Cult website found a copy of the game and dumped it into a ROM.

The game is a fairly simple puzzle game. In the versus mode of this game, when a player gets a combination of three consecutive "erasements" of pieces, that player's Sonic attacks the other player's Sonic. The other player momentairly loses control of his pieces.

The game will be on SEGA's B-Club download service.

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