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Are there rules on how a bibliography section should look in Wikipedia?

I have recently edited Edward Tufte and Jan Tschichold, and I was not sure how I should treat the bibliography. Especially, since Tschichold was German and wrote in German, should I list the original German titles in the english Wikipedia and then an english translation, or the other way around, or something else entirely?

Being German myself, I'm also not too familiar with the (american) english bibliography style, so a few examples would be nice.

Colin Marquardt

Yep. Check out Wikipedia:Biography standards. --mav
Cool, thanks. Colin Marquardt


Here in Australia, I've always been taught a Bibliography is a list of resources used to create a piece of work (i.e. essay, report etc.). Somewhat similar to Reference List, but containing all texts used, including those not necessarily quoted, or referred to in the main text.

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