The Green Hill Zone

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The Green Hill Zone is a website dedicated to accounting every game produced by the Sonic Team since 1991 to the present day. The bulk of the pages are devoted to the numerous Sonic the Hedgehog games that have been produced by the team, but pages divulging information on NiGHTS Into Dreams, ChuChu Rocket!, Samba de Amigo and Phantasy Star Online are also accounted for.

The site was initally started on the 17 May, 1997 by Jared Matte (aka Green Gibbon!), and to this day remains the pinical of Sonic sites interested in presenting information on the games themselves, compared to the plethora of Sonic sites primarly dedicated to hacking. The site is also renowned for having a cynical sense of humor around most of its users.

The site name "Green Hill Zone" is synoptic with the first zone of the first Sonic game, which had the same title.

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