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The sandbox is for editing experiments. Feel free to try out our new and exciting formatting (well, not so new anymore) here, where no one will scream at you for totally messing things up.

Please only edit below this line.

Section 1

Edit here ..... if you dare .....

Links are quite easy - you put them in square brackets soprano, Surbiton.

Bullet points are quite easy - you put * in front, as in

  • violin
  • cello
  • double bass

Italics are quite easy - you put text in pairs of quotes, as in italics or this is in italics.

If you want links in italics, do it this way - link in italics

If you want bold text, use three quotes, as in this is bold.

If you want sections, use leading equals signs, as in Section 1 etc.

If you want to use a URL to link outside Wikipedia do it this way

[1] or perhaps better this is a link to Wiktionary - you can see the difference.

If you want more information about editing in Wiktionary look at Wikipedia:How to edit a page or editing in Wikipedia - see how that's done!

Section 2

Edit here ..... if you dare .....

Lets make this the C section. ;-)

Section 3

Edit here ..... if you dare .....

Section 4

Edit here ..... if you dare .....

A dog pants or shorts. A camel toe can prove embarrassing but can be a fetish. Truth flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Escape character attempts: 256 - 300

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Escape character attempts: 301 - 355

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Escape character attempts: 356 - 400

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Does html work on the first-on, last-off principle, I wonder... Evidently so :-P :o)

artifical intelligence is no match for natural stupidity :�